How to use?

1. How to register?
2. How to add products?
3. How to find the products you’re looking for?

PlatinDeal is a unique marketplace from PLATINCOIN, where you can post ads and find all the products you need. The website interface is extremely easy to navigate: in just five minutes, you can buy or sell a product. In these instructions, we will explain how you can register on PLATINDEAL and learn to add and sell products. 

How to register?

  1. Access the main page of the website and select your country from the list on the main screen:

  2. After selecting your country, click on the 'Registration' button in the top right corner:

  3. A page with a registration form will then appear. Carefully fill in your contact information and click on Register.

  4. After filling in your contact information, you will receive an email with an activation link:

  5. Open your email inbox and click on an email from You will find an activation link. Open the message and click on Verify email address:

  6. Your personal account page will be opened in a few seconds:

    Your personal account is your main working tool. Here, you can add and track the status of your products, send messages to potential customers and track your transactions.

How to add products?

You can upload your product to the marketplace in just a few minutes:

  1. Enter your personal account page and click on + Add Listing in the upper right corner:

  2. The product details page will be opened in a new window. On this page, you need to select your ad category and type, input a product name, fill in the description, select a price, indicate your city and your contact details:

  3. Next, upload some images of your product on the following page. Make sure to select high-quality photos to make your product more appealing and ensure a quick sale. After you’ve uploaded your photos, click on Finish:

  4. You will find your uploaded product on your personal account page in the My Ads section. Here, you can manage your ads, with the option to edit, hide, or delete them:

How to find the products you’re looking for?

The PLATINDEAL marketplace allows you to filter products by category and by region - in just a few simple steps, you will certainly find the product you’re looking for.

  1. Enter the main page. You will find 2 search bars in the center of the page - write down the name of your product in the left box and your region on the right. Then click on Find:

  2. The next window will show you all the products matching your search query that are available in your region:

  3. Click on the products you are interested in, review the product details and discuss these products with sellers through personal messages